grammar word summary: Best can be: ■ an adjective: Which apples are best for cooking? ♦ It was the best party I've ever been to. ■ an adverb: We'll choose the system that works best. ■ a noun: I'll do my best.
1) the superlative form of ‘good' and ‘well', used for describing the person, thing, or way that is the most satisfactory, suitable, skilful etc
the best hotel in town[/ex]
You need to find out which program works best on your computer.[/ex]
In the world of ballet she was quite simply the best.[/ex]
The new drug is safe and effective, and best of all, inexpensive.[/ex]
What kind of soil is best for growing roses?[/ex]
I'll try to deal with all these problems as best I can.[/ex]
2) liked or known more than anyone or anything else
What kind of music do you like best?[/ex]
The Mona Lisa is probably the world's best known painting.[/ex]
at best — used for stating what is the best or biggest possible thing, when this is not very good[/ex]
You can hope for a 5% profit at best.[/ex]
at sb's/sth's best — feeling or showing the most impressive or attractive qualities possible[/ex]
I'm not at my best early in the morning.[/ex]
at the best of times — used for saying that something is fairly bad, difficult etc even in normal circumstances[/ex]
Persuading the bank to lend you money is a difficult task at the best of times.[/ex]
be for the best — used for saying that something that seems bad will in fact make the situation better[/ex]
sb's best friend — the friend that someone likes best[/ex]
the best of both worlds — a situation where you have two different advantages at the same time[/ex]
best wishes — 1) used for saying that you hope that something good will happen to someone[/ex]
Please give them our best wishes for the happy day.[/ex]

— 2) a friendly and polite way of ending a letter or email

best wishes — used as a polite and friendly greeting before you sign your name on a letter or card[/ex]
do/try your best — to try as hard as you can[/ex]
make the best of it — to try to deal with a bad or difficult situation as well as you can[/ex]
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